Please use the information on this page only in the case of a real emergency. You will not get a recorded prayer but an experienced rescue officer will be there to help you.

Emergency Policy (continued after list of contact information)

A drowning man does not need swimming lessons. He needs a rope or a lifebelt or an arm that will reach out and lift him out and get him going. After that he should be given swimming lessons. Similarly, the following would be considered emergency cases

  • A person whose body or head is at this moment exploding with intolerable pain


  • A person who is about to end his or her life for any reason


  • Any person who has been given only a few hours to live


  • Any sick person who has not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ nor been in a church or gathering of believers


  • Any person who has just been in an accident


  • Any person suffering from loneliness related disease


  • Any elderly shut in suffering from any disease with no one to help


  • Any unbearable condition in your body, soul or spirit caused by grief or sorrow

Emergency Contact Information   (we will constantly strive to increase the contact information- Regional or state wise volunteers required. Please write to  wecare@antiochhouse.org)

  • United States -    Volunteers Required Immediately - Please


  • Canada -    


  • United Kingdom -    


  • Europe -    


  • Middle East Countries -     00 971 50 858122
    Mandeep Singh
    P.O.Box 17785,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Local Time (4 hrs + GMT)

    Phone [ Residence ] : 00 971 4 393 6107 (On Wednesdays & Saturdays from 7 pm onwards)
              [ Mobile ] :
    00 971 50 858122 (24hrs/7days a week)


  • South America - 55 21 38267251
    Ion Muniz
    Rua Pires de Almeida, 49/302
    Laranjeiras - Rio de Janeiro - RJ


  • Jamaica & The Caribbean

          Tarik Carey


         The Caribbean

         Email: virtual@gotelja.com    Tel:   876 855 6349   Mobile (24/7)



  • Russia & former USSR countries -    


  • India & all Asia -     91 44 26153175


  • Australia & New Zealand -    


  • Republic of South Africa -    


  • Other African Nations -    


Emergency Policy (...continued)

Please understand that if you have been through emergency on more than one occasion before, you need to go through the School. If you are using EMERGENCY on behalf of someone else, it is your responsibility to guide the sick/healed one according to the teaching of the School.

The moment you are relieved from the emergency condition, please begin to build yourself spiritually or go through the School of Divine Healing for further guidance and permanent healing.

Other Contact Information


  • Fax in the United States -     1 530 706 7093