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Causes for Sickness - II

  • Unforgiving spirit

  • An unforgiving spirit breeds bitterness. A bitter spirit will not take long to show its corrupting influence on the body. Bitterness is a deadly poison. Many diseases that cause distortions in the skeletal system is caused by bitterness in the soul. Bitterness in the soul also causes many kinds of skin diseases.

    An unforgiving spirit cuts off the grace and mercy of God in time of need and the body is left spiritually defenseless to spirits of sickness, disease and infirmity.

    Jesus said in Matt. 6:14, “If ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father in heaven forgive you your trespasses.

    Jesus repeats it in Mark 11:25, “...and when you stand praying, forgive if ye have aught against any; that your Father also in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

    In Matthew 18: 23-35 Jesus through a parable clearly tells of unforgiving people being handed over to the tormentors! What a frightening thought! Who are the tormentors? The devil and his angels. Remember that UNFORGIVENESS IS THE TORMENTORS REALM.

  • Fear

  • Fear is the opposite of faith. Faith pleases God and fear pleases the devil. By faith you have access to the throne of grace. By fear, demons from the region of the damned have access into your life. This certainly includes sickness and diseases.

    Sickness has come to be an accepted and expected way of life. People expect to be sick. When your neighbor has 'flu, you expect to get it, you fear it and as certainly as a magnet attracts iron filings, you attract the attention of that disease and it walks in. Learn to see sickness and diseases as evil things that need to be kicked out and kept out.

    Job said in Job 3:25, “...the thing that I greatly feared is come upon me.

    Please check the “Archived Articles Section” periodically for articles and quotes on Fear and Faith

  • The Tongue

  • The tongue controls our life. It is compared to a helm in a ship and a bridle in a horse's mouth (James 3: 3,4). If the tongue can be controlled, the whole body can be controlled.

    James 3:2 says, “If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body.”

    James 3:6 says, that the tongue, “...sets on fire the course of nature” Putting it simply, wrong words can stop the natural healing process in the body. For example, a simple cough is an auto response to throw out impure material. But how many of us would immediately say, “Watch out! That cough could lead to wheezing!” When you said that, the auto response mechanism in the body stops working, giving way to wheezing.

    Incredible isn’t it? Yet, it is true. Science is slowly finding out the effect of words on the human system.

    Proverbs 18: 20, 21 says, “death and life are in the power of the tongue.

    Proverbs 15:4 teaches that perverse speech causes a breach in the spirit.

    This means that wrong words, create an opening in our spirit for the enemy to come in: and the enemy can be a messenger of sickness.

    For more on the importance of words, read the article “Words and Wonders’ in the Archived Articles section.

  • Criticizing

  • One never thinks that a critical, fault finding spirit can directly affect our health. But God’s word says that it does.

    Isaiah .58:9 directly implies that "when we stop the pointing of the finger, then our health will spring forth speedily.”

    Maybe you have criticized verbally, but having a critical attitude or thoughts is enough to ruin health.

  • Lack of Unity

  • Lack of unity in the body of Christ is hitherto unknown as a cause of sickness. The glory of God (the Holy Spirit) has been given to us so that we may be one. (John 17:22) The Holy Spirit who brings healing and health cannot work in an atmosphere where there is no unity as Jesus desired in John 17. This opens the door to sickness and diseases. Read John 17 carefully and you will discern that the type of unity that Jesus wants is lacking in most Christian circles.

    Eph. 2: 22 teaches us that we are builded together for a habitation of God. God has chosen to dwell in His Church: and He can fill up His glorious residence only if we are built together. Christians will never see the healings that they would like to until they come into a unity fit for God.

    Please read the article on Unity in the 'Strong Meat' section.

  • Not Givers

  • A large percentage of sick people are not cheerful givers to God. This has been proved by statistics in many places. We firmly believe that there are demons whom we call “stingy demons” that prevent people from giving: for they know the power in giving. They (demons of stinginess) know that the emissaries of sickness cannot operate freely if the children keep the principles of God in the matters of giving of their material substance. So, they are like under cover agents that lay a stranglehold on Christians. Some Christians are discovering that giving freely is a powerful weapon against the forces of darkness.

    On the lighter side, remember how big a hundred dollar bill looks in church and how small it becomes at the shopping mall – to some at least !

    We are stewards of what God has given us and must use our resources as God wills and not according to lesser desires. God has ordained that all His people should be actively involved in the furnishing of His house, the Church.

    Please read Malachi 3:8-11. I want to draw your attention to verse 11, “And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes...”. Sickness is a dirty devourer and God will personally step in, to rebuke the devourer when His people are faithful in their giving.

    Read also Psalm 41: 1 - 3

  • Wrong Teaching

  • Those who oppose divine healing as practiced by the apostles usually have never ventured much in personally laying hands on the sick or they have never seen a physical demonic manifestation nor would they have been witness to a miracle of healing. What would such teachers do if they were to come into direct personal, physical confrontation with demon powers? Trying to remember their theology would be vain!

    Are there not hundreds of “Bible” colleges that systematically teach their students just to argue against healing? What would happen if the products of such colleges begin to shepherd churches and teach? (Please see “Does God teach through sickness”)

    Some examples of wrong teaching are
  • Sickness is the will of God
  • We get closer to God through our sickness
  • God teaches us through sickness
  • God does not always heal
  • Healing is a personal matter
  • What a tragic, uncompassionate situation it is when a fine looking minister in good health looks on a sick, languishing person and gives him or her such teachings.

    It is important that you are in a church body that believes and teaches healing. Or atleast in a church that does not criticize and hinder the healing ministry. It could be a matter of life and death. See Ezekiel 34: 4.

  • Not under Authority

  • Many Christians do not like the word authority or submission. Now, we beseech you to read this and the next point with much thought and prayer. Please read these scriptures slowly and become familiar with them. I am certain that some will be delivered and receive their healing if they dwell on these two points for some time.

    Eph. 4: 11-14 is a fulfillment of Ps. 68: 18 The new testament church body is structured so that the Lord God may dwell among men. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Jesus has set His ministers or officers in the church. Disobedience, we know, grieves the Spirit of God and drives out His Blessed presence.

    The Church is supposed to be tightly knit and compacted. Like your body where all the limbs and organs function as one. When your kidneys refuse to receive instructions from the brain, you are in trouble. When we refuse to receive instructions from God through the locally instituted head, then we are in bigger trouble than we realize. Many do not realize this. I often come across “independent” Christians! Brothers and sisters, wake up to the fact that there is no independence in the body of Christ. Instead, there ought to be a strong inter-dependence. This may be an affront to the statue of Liberty! But it is a matter of life and death!

    Many Christians are content with reading their Bible and praying at home and church is a place they visit when they want to. Our first fellowship is with the Father through the Son. When we are in right fellowship with the Father, He guides us to a local place of fellowship where we can become members one of another, a living stone in the house of the Lord (1 Peter 2:5).

    Many Christians now want home delivery of spiritual things! Long distance and Tele - ministries have their power and place, but there is no substitute for your physcial presence in the assembly. Hebrews 10: 25 warns us, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another”.

    When my left hand is injured, the right hand reaches out to help by patting, scratching, dressing the wound or even holding the left hand up. But if my left hand was detached from my shoulder, or not properly joined, do you think I am going to get a proper healing? True and permanent healing flows from the inside, through the blood stream, the layering of the tissues and ligaments, one upon the other – from one member to another.

    In these last days, as the Lord finishes the building of His Church, He will insist in the proper order of things and you will find that methods that once worked in bringing healing are not working now.

    1 Thess. 5:12 exhorts us to “Know them that labour among you and are over you in the Lord.” Sick one, have you complied with this commandment?

    Every sheep needs a shepherd and every sheep needs a sheepfold. Thank God for the great open pastures, but know your calling, your place and your sheepfold – the place where you can truly rest.

    Stubborn sickness and disease can come on a child of God who is not under any spiritual authority.

  • Not functioning as a Member

  • Ephesians 4:16 teaches us that we are members one of another. This has a very serious implication that requires a lot of sacrificial commitment. Oh, if we could only know the importance and the value of being one of another! If we can grasp the fact that the life of Christ flows only from one to another!

    Rom. 12: 5 says, “We being many are one body in Christ, and every one, Members one of another

    What if you one part of you body, say the nose, refuses to function. You will be in big trouble. There is trouble whenever one of the parts does not fulfill their part in the body. Realize the seriousness of being a Christian, a member in the body of Christ. As a Christian, you have a definite function in the Body and if you are not a functioning member, you could be causing harm to yourself or to others. This harm or evil includes sickness.

    Ephesians 6:15 teaches us to have our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. This implies that every Christian is a messenger of the gospel. If you are not spreading the gospel of peace or if you are not actively involved in any effort in spreading the gospel, you are not having on the full armor of God and you will not be able to withstand the attacks of the enemy, which of course includes sickness. We must have our gospel “shoes” on. Imaging step out of your home barefoot. How far can you go and how safely?

    A Christian who is not actively involved in spreading the gospel is not a moving Christian. He is a sitting duck for the fiery darts of the enemy. It is hard for the devil to keep up with a moving Christian. It is easy for him to encircle a sitting, ineffective Christian.

  • When Shepherds do not Feed Properly

  • A shepherd or pastor has to see to it that his flock is fed and that too properly. If you were not taught some math or if your math teacher did not know how to teach, you will realize the folly of it later in life. If you have never been taught about healing, or if you have not been taught correctly, it will have its consequences. You will not be able to resist sickness and diseases and they will find easy entry and lodge in your body.

    In Ezekiel.34:1-5, we read,
    “1 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
    2 Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks?
    3 Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.
    4 The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them.
    5 And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd: and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were scattered.”

    It is to your advantage to be in a proper fellowship where the word of God is properly taught.

  • When the Ministers do not use Authority - Failure of God’s servants

  • Every believer has rights as a Christian to resist the devil and his works. When the ordained officers of the church do not use their authority, sickness and disease can affect the people.

    In Matt. 17: 14 – 21, Jesus comes down from the mount of transfiguration, and finds that his disciples are unable to cure a young boy. Jesus rebukes the disciples for their unbelief and heals the boy. When the disciples ask Jesus why they could not heal the boy, Jesus attributed it to their unbelief.

    Unbelief in what, we may wonder? In Matthew 10, Jesus gives his disciples power over all unclean spirits and to heal all manner of sickness and disease. It is obvious that the disciples had forgotten this great authority to the point where they were ineffective. Invested authority was not used.

    In the same way today, especially, when ministers of God who know that they are ordained, authorized and empowered by Christ, fail to use their authority, sickness and disease, enter in or get a stubborn foothold.

  • Lack of Fasting

  • There are some kinds of devils of sickness that leave only when they see a minister who is no stranger to fasting. Jesus indicated this in the same case we saw above in Matthew 17:14-21. Jesus gave two reasons for the disciples’ inability to heal – unbelief and lack of fasting.

    Fasting makes one more conscious of spiritual things. A fasted minister is thereby more effective in the realm of spirits of sickness, disease and infirmity. This does not mean that one has to fast before casting out every devil! The minister should be familiar with fasting, and more important have a fasted (self-controlled) life. It would be good to remember here, that there is no special gift called the “gift of casting out devils”

  • Not Honouring Parents

  • The Bible firmly teaches us to honour our parents. In Eph. 6: 2, 3 we read, “Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise; That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

    This command teaches that if we do not honour our parents,
  • It will not be well with us
  • We will not live long on the earth

  • Sickness and disease have easy access into the life of a person who dishonors his or her parents. Back to top of page

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