Names of Sickness
Why sickness abounds today
The "Permission" of Evil
Are the days of miracles past ?
Why is there no healing as we see it in the Bible ?
My Church does not teach healing
Why is bodily healing important ?
Aging - A Divine perspective
Sickness among Old Testament Heroes
Sickness among Ministers in the New Testament
Why are people with strong faith and godly lives sick ?
Premature deaths
Does God teach through sickness ?
Don't miss this subject. It is the heart of the school. Causes for sickness
Paul's thorn in the flesh
The case of Job
The man born blind in John 9
Difference between Healing & Health
Medical Science and Healing
Why some are not healed
Reasons for healing today
Some methods of receiving healing
Some difficult Old Testament scriptures
Healing in the light of the Law and Judgement
The healing ministry of Jesus Christ
Healing outside the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Is there healing in the Atonement ?
He did, He can, He will
Healing & Church Growth


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There will be frequent changes in the contents of the School as we press on for greater understanding, until all the Body of Christ is in health. We have seen many great miracles but our eyes are constantly on those who come for prayer and are not healed More Topics as needed will be added. The Archived Articles section will carry powerful writings from many giants of the faith.

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