Names of Sickness
Why sickness abounds today
The "Permission" of Evil
Are the days of miracles past ?
Why is there no healing as we see it in the Bible ?
My Church does not teach healing
Why is bodily healing important ?
Aging - A Divine perspective
Sickness among Old Testament Heroes
Sickness among Ministers in the New Testament
Why are people with strong faith and godly lives sick ?
Premature deaths
Does God teach through sickness ?
Don't miss this subject. It is the heart of the school. Causes for sickness
Paul's thorn in the flesh
The case of Job
The man born blind in John 9
Difference between Healing & Health
Medical Science and Healing
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Reasons for healing today
Some methods of receiving healing
Some difficult Old Testament scriptures
Healing in the light of the Law and Judgement
The healing ministry of Jesus Christ
Healing outside the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Is there healing in the Atonement ?
He did, He can, He will
Healing & Church Growth

The Healing Ministry of Jesus

. There is a longing in every heart for a miracle. Man though born in sin was nevertheless first made in the image and likeness of God. Man is a spirit with a soul and a body. God often touches the body before touching the spirit of man. Jesus revealed the heart of the Father. The healing of the body has an impact on the spirit of man.

Remember these points briefly,

  • Matthew 4: 23,24 - The healing ministry of Jesus described.
  • Matthew 9:36 - The compassionate ministry of Jesus described.
  • Mark 1: 40 - 42 -The willingness of Jesus to heal described.

  • Let us follow Jesus in the gospels where healing and the preaching of eternal life are definitely connected. Other healing accounts are not included in this chapter.

  • Multitudes From Many Cities Following Jesus

  • Let us begin with Mathew Chapter 4, beginning from verse 12. Notice that Jesus went about teaching in the synagogues of Galilee, preaching and healing all manner of sickness among the people. Non-Jews also lived in Galilee (v.15). Verse 24 says, "And His fame went throughout all Syria (a gentile nation), and the Syrians brought people with sickness, different diseases, torments, paralysis, demon possessed and even the lunatic and Jesus healed them".

    Now great multitudes of people followed Him from
  • Galilee
  • Decapolis or ten Greek cities of gentiles
  • Jerusalem
  • Judea
  • beyond Jordan (v.25)
  • Notice the connection between healing and the bread of life now. His very presence brought light to regions of darkness (v. 15, 16). His message was calling people to turn around and enter the kingdom of heaven on earth (v.17). When the healings brought multitudes, did the Master just heal the people silently and let them go? Surely, he would have preached or taught the people, for that was His method - Teaching, Preaching, Healing, Teaching Preaching, Healing, ... (See also Matt. 9: 35). The time was right and seeing the multitudes, Jesus went up the mountain and His disciples came to Him, he opened His mouth and taught them what we know as the beautiful Sermon on the Mount! (Matt 5:1- 7:27).

    Even today, healings attract attention. Preaching is not in idle or useless non-effective words but in power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost and in the effective ministration of the GOSPEL, it is the Power of God.

  • Judgement That Brings Justice, Victory And Trust In Jesus To Gentiles: Mathew 12:18 - 21

  • Activity in the realm of the spirit has physical manifestations. Let us see how justice brings victory that causes gentiles to trust in the name of Jesus for salvation. The above text is a fulfillment of Isaiah 42:1-4. Look at the events leading to this fulfillment. In v.13, Jesus heals a man with a withered hand on the Sabbath day. The Pharisees then plan to eliminate Him. Jesus knowing this withdrew Himself from that place and great multitudes followed Him. Jesus healed them all. The Lord then charges the people who were healed not to make Him known. At this stage of His ministry, Jesus did not want publicity among His own people, the Jews. Thus the prophecy of Isaiah 42:1-4 was fulfilled.

    Let us take a closer look at Mathew 12:15-22 in sequential order:
    • The prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled after great healings, and Jesus request to keep the news from spreading.
    • The prophecy has been fulfilled because judgement has been shown to the Gentiles (v.15-18) by mass healings. The Gentiles were getting a taste of God’s love. Truth was being revealed that God loved them. Judgement of satan, as the deceiver, the cause of sin and sickness was being revealed.
    • The prophecy was fulfilled because Jesus did not strive or cry, and neither did any man hear His voice on the street (v.19). This act was also at only one stage of His work.
    • He did not break the frailest sign of faith neither did He quench a spark of faith TILL victory was got by judgement. Later on He often rebuked His disciples for their lack of active faith.
    • This victory caused the Gentiles to trust in Him as the Saviour (v.21).
    • This fulfilled of prophecy again causes a blind and dumb man to be brought to Him for healing. (v.22).
    • The connection between healing and the goodness for the soul is thus clear. Healing is the judgement of God on sickness and diseases. This judgement brings victory to God and men causing even the Gentiles to trust in Him. Oh! Bless the Lord all ye nations of the world.

  • Binding The Strongman

  • The deliverance of a man from demons of blindness and dumbness in Matt. 12:22, causes such amazement that the Pharisees to protect their prestigious positions declare that this miracle is done by the power of the prince of devils. Satan causes lying signs and wonders (2 Thes. 2:9). But oh! be careful in distinguishing between the works of God and the works of the devil! The reply of the Lord silences His critics. Our interest is now in
  • casting out devils
  • binding the strongman
  • the kingdom of God
  • blasphemy
  • Jesus said that He cast out devils by the Spirit of God (see also Luke 4: 18,19 & Acts 10:38). He said this after the blind and dumb devils had been cast out. He said that this casting out of devils brought the kingdom of God to them. How can a man see the kingdom of God until the strong evil power that blinds and binds him be cast out (v.28)? Those extending the good kingdom of God, which is righteousness peace, joy and love, invariably find themselves opposed by demons of darkness and strange yet powerful evil forces. Spiritual warfare interests and involves every child of God. This spiritual warfare is in every city, town and village in the world. The kingdom of God is revealed and offered to the people to receive when the strong man is bound (v. 28,29).

    This is the only place in the scripture where the phrase "Bind the strong man" is used! Is it not noteworthy and enlightening to know that Jesus used this phrase, in the context of healing? The strong man is bound when devils are cast out and the sick healed. There cannot be any talk about binding the strong man without the casting out of devils and the healing of the sick. Bear in mind that death is an enemy of man and all sickness is incipient death.

    The Holy Spirit guides us into truth. By the power of the Holy Ghost mighty works of God are done. Jesus said that all sins, blasphemies and words against Him would be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Ghost shall never be forgiven in this world or the next. (v.31,32). What an awful warning! How sacred, holy and precious must be the Spirit of God! Woe to the man who blasphemies the Holy Ghost. What a caution to the man, woman or child who has the Holy Spirit.

  • The New Doctrine Of Authority: Mark 1:21- 32

  • The people were astonished at the doctrines or teachings of Jesus, for it was not as that of the scribes which lacked authority (v22). Jesus taught as a man of authority. Demons trembled and screamed in His presence. Recognizing His authority, demons fled when rebuked by the Master. The people wondered and discussed among themselves this new doctrine - the doctrine of authority and power over evil spirits (v27). Yes! The acts of God will cause men to think about Him. This gives an opening for the Word of God to be received. Immediately His fame spread through the entire region round about Galilee (v.28). The result of this was the city was gathered at His door and mass healings again (v.32, 33). Oh! The blessed doctrine of authority! Bless God who forgives all our sins and heals all diseases.

  • The Mad Man Of Gadarea: Mark 5: 1 - 20

  • When Jesus reached the country of the Gadarenes, the first man to meet him was a man from the cemetery with unclean spirits. Yes, when there is a strong light, the hidden things of evil are manifest. This man lived in the mountains and in the tombs crying and cutting himself with stones. Efforts to hold the man in chains were futile many times, for he broke the chains in pieces. No man could tame or control him. But the demons tremble in the presence of the Son of God. After Jesus casts the devils out of him and into the pigs, the man sat normally, clothed and in his right mind. The man now wants to follow Jesus but Jesus asks him to go home and tell all about the commission of the Lord. The once demon possessed man begins to tell of his deliverance in the ten Greek cities (Decapolis), and all men did marvel or wonder or think about this great demonstration of power. Men saw the madness and nakedness of the man but Jesus saw beyond that into the crying, tormented soul and was moved with compassion and set him free.

  • Healing Of A Man With Paralysis: Luke 5:18-26

  • A man is invalid because of paralysis. Confined to his frame cot, there is no way he can get to Jesus by himself. But concerned and loving friends carry the cot with the man and try to bring him into the house where Jesus was ministering. Unable to make their way through, they carry him to the roof. Removing the roof tiles, they make a large hole in the roof. With ropes tied to the cot they lower their friend down right before Jesus! What faith and courage and determination! Jesus seeing this act of faith tells the sick man, “Thy sins are forgiven thee!". Is there not a connection between sin and sickness? (not always however). The paralyzed man and his friend’s faith for healing bring forgiveness of sins first! Friends, salvation is an all inclusive word from the Greek word "sozo". It is a removal of all hindrances to receive all that Adam lost by disobedience.

    When Jesus forgave the sins of the paralytic, He was saying that He was God; the Pharisees knew that only God could forgive sins (v.21). The sick man, his friends and all the sick in the room were eagerly waiting to receive all that the Master had. But, like today, the scribes and Pharisees questioned the authority of Jesus. If they had had their way, the poor people would never have received the glorious blessings of God. But Jesus was authorized, empowered by the Holy Ghost and sent by the Heavenly Father to declare and demonstrate the Father's love.

    Jesus knowing the questionings of the Pharisees asks them, "Is it easier to say, thy sins be forgiven thee or to say, Rise up and walk?". That my friends, is the question I ask you today - Which is easy to say?

    a) Do not worry, your sins are forgiven, everything will be all right, God bless you, etc ...


    b) Be healed, rise and walk, blind eyes open, deaf and dumb devils come out.

    Which is easy to say and see on the spot? Friends, to say soothing comforting words of blessing is easy. It does not require any visible, tangible manifestation. But to say words that require and demand corresponding physical results is something else. To say 'Thy sins are forgiven' is one thing but to say ‘Rise up and walk' is a very difficult thing. What if the man does not rise up and walk? Jesus would have become a laughing stock

    Jesus continues, "That all of you may know that I, the Son of Man has power on this earth to forgive sins, (He now turns to the paralytic and speaks) I say unto you paralytic – Rise, take up your bed and go home". Immediately the man rises, takes up his bed and walks home glorifying God. The people glorified God and were filled with fear for they were in the presence of one who had proved His spiritual power with physical manifestation.

    To all who are invalid, in the throes of sin and distress, in bed with incurable diseases I ask this question: what would Jesus do, looking at you on your bed? He is waiting for you to look at Him or call on Him if you can. Look up, and receive your miracle.

    He hates your suffering. He has paid the price for our spirit, soul, and body, which now belongs to Him. Let Him be glorified in you. Throw aside doubts, fears, unbelief, and wrong counsel and receive all which the Lord has for you. Healings destroy satan's kingdom. Healings show God's love and concern for man. Individuals respond to or reject God's love.

  • Glory to the God of Israel: Matt. 15:29 - 31

  • Jesus goes into a high mountain near the Sea of Galilee. Great multitudes follow Him on the mountain slopes. Remember that the multitudes that followed Jesus were not just Jews, but also Gentiles from several nations (Matt. 4: 25). Among the multitudes, were the lame, blind, dumb and the maimed brought to Jesus for healing. Jesus healed them with such great power and perfection, that the multitudes glorified the God of Israel. If only the Jews or the Israel of God glorified God, then the God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would have been glorified. But even non-Jews praised the God of Israel. Even this day, there are thousands that glorify the God of the Christians, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many such will enter the Kingdom of God, as it was when the Church was born. Surely, Jesus would have mentioned something about the Kingdom of God! He was the greatest Evangelist!   Back to top of page


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