Names of Sickness
Why sickness abounds today
The "Permission" of Evil
Are the days of miracles past ?
Why is there no healing as we see it in the Bible ?
My Church does not teach healing
Why is bodily healing important ?
Aging - A Divine perspective
Sickness among Old Testament Heroes
Sickness among Ministers in the New Testament
Why are people with strong faith and godly lives sick ?
Premature deaths
Does God teach through sickness ?
Don't miss this subject. It is the heart of the school. Causes for sickness
Paul's thorn in the flesh
The case of Job
The man born blind in John 9
Difference between Healing & Health
Medical Science and Divine Healing
Why some are not healed
Reasons for healing today
Some methods of receiving healing
Some difficult Old Testament scriptures
Healing in the light of the Law and Judgement
The healing ministry of Jesus Christ
Healing outside the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Is there healing in the Atonement ?
He did, He can, He will
Healing & Church Growth


. Sickness and disease is playing havoc in the lives of the people of God today. Lives, careers, families and even ministries are devastated by ailments that cost hundreds and thousands of our money. Sickness and disease has come to be an accepted and expected way of life. Medical science and doctors, though a gift from God, have taken the place of the Word of God in homes. Cases of people not being healed despite strong faith and prayers, the illness and untimely passing away of those serving God, have all added to weaken faith in Christ as the Healer.

There is no doubt in the minds of any of God's people that God can heal all sickness or disease. But the lingering doubt is....  will God heal this time ? Incorrect teaching, genuine doubts from a casual reading of scriptures, using scriptures out of context and experiences of failures, force God's people to twist the scriptures to apply to their conditions rather than to bring their experiences around to match the perfect will of God.

Is there no balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole ? Where is the God that healeth us? Why is there rampant sickness in the temple of God, His Church? Where is the One who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil ? Where is the One who is the same yesterday and today and forever, the One who healed all manner of sickness and diseases among the people ? Has He stopped forgiving all our sins and healing all our diseases ? What would Jesus do if He were in our midst today ?

If there is no divine healing today, then let us leave it. But if there is divine healing in the life and cross and present day ministry of redemption of our dear Lord Jesus Christ, let us take it with all our might.

Please stay at this site with an attitude of prayer and humility and desiring to know the perfect will of God in this important area of life. This is not a web site for arguing, debating or even unwanted, ungodly discussion.

This is a site

That is meant basically for the sick who are seeking healing.
For those who are with all godly sincerity and humility seeking the mind of Christ.
For those who wish to study “Divine Healing”.
For those who wish to strengthen the Body of Christ by increasing in knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician.
For those who are preparing for active and continuous ministry.

We suggest that you go through each topic slowly and prayerfully, fellowshipping with your Saviour each day.

We suggest that during the time you go through the topics in this School,

Do not watch any non Christian Television
Do not read newspapers or magazines
Fast 2 or 3 meals or as often as you can
Avoid visiting and unnecessary talking
Read the Gospels and the Book of Acts as many times as you can
Purpose to settle the matter of Divine Healing once and for all in your lifetime (instead of having vague notions every time you are confronted with sickness).

Praying on your knees and diligently going through the course can change the quality of your life for the better, reduce doctors and pharmacy bills and make you a strong and useful Christian.

Each time we have conducted this School in different churches or cities, we have found that towards the ending, the faith of the people is so high (because many doubts and misconceptions have been removed) that almost all the sick people are healed without prayer or any special gifts operating.

So, please take this course seriously. If necessary, take time off from whatever you are doing to attend to this business.

Those who are taking printouts, please do not read hurriedly or rush through this looking for a quick fix. You must be familiar with the Scripture references and especially those that are only mentioned.

If at the end of this course you still need help, we will do all we can to help with the Word of God, counsel and prayer.

We also cordially invite you to join the School of Divine Healing Discussion Group by sending an email to schoolofdivinehealing-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

May we press on into the glories
In Jesus Christ, Our Great Physician,

Joe Durai
Antioch House

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