Senior Citizen healed of cancer & serving the Lord gloriously
Charis P

This is in reply to your e-mail of 1-5-02. If my testimony can be of help to anyone please feel free to use it. Because of the laws these days in regards to confidential patient's rights, I don't know if you would get a response from the hospital or the doctor. You have my permission to try. If this is too lengthy, or you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Healing is a subject very near and dear to my heart and as you wrote, I have found most Christians do not believe in divine healing.

I will try to not make this too lengthy. I am a 72 year old woman, married 51 years, have five children, l8 grandchildren & one great grandson. I was born again when I was nine years of age. The later part of my teen age years I strayed from the Lord but after my husband and I were married(he had also strayed) we rededicated our lives to the Lord shortly before our first child was born and have never wavered from that walk.

I was raised in a strong evangelical church but they did not believe in the experience of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit nor healing. In the late l960's my husband and I became hungry for more of the Lord and received that experience. It was like the Bible became a new book to us-so many things we had not understood before. We had both been very active in our church but we began to see that healing was in the atonement.

One of the first books I read after that experience was T.L. Osborn's Healing The Sick. As I compared that with scriptures I knew Jesus had borne the stripes for our physical healing. Through the years I listened to many tapes on Healing and read the Word and many books on that subject.

In l984, I began teaching Women's Bible studies. Before that I had always worked with children or led praise and worship from the piano. God blest the studies and we saw many lives changed, born again, spirit-filled and healed.

In l988, I began experiencing severe pain in the lower abdomen. I tried to be sensitive to the leading of the Lord and one night I knew I had to go to the hospital. I had an ovarian cyst(size of a grapefruit) removed but there was no cancer. In 1989 at different times during that whole year I would experience no pain, but the passing of blood clots about the size of a goose egg. I just kept thanking the Lord that my healing had been paid for by His stripes.

Than during the night of January l0, l990, I passed many large clots and went to the doctor later that day. Even during all this time, I experienced no weakness. Tests were taken and they came back that cancer was present in the uterus. I felt the Lord was directing me to go through with the surgery which I had at our local hospital, Rice Memorial, on January 24th.

The next morning the surgeon came in to my room and his first words to me were, "It is bad, it is really bad". Now I know that death and life are in the power of the tongue(Prov. l8:21) so I did not ask any questions! He than told me he would send the radiologist up to talk to me and after being home one week he would see that radiation treatments were started. I can truthfully say that There is no fear in the perfect love of God. I had no fear but faith that His Word is true! I love the scripture in I John 5:9, If we receive the witness of men(doctor) the witness of God is greater.(Divine Healing).

They sent a gal up to me with a thick stack of information to read concerning the type of cancer(Uterine) which they said I had. I told her to put it over on the shelf. Prov. 4 tells us to protect our spirit for out of it flow the issues of life so when my husband came I told him to take it home and throw it, that we would not put any of that in our spirit.

When I got home from the hospital I called them and cancelled the radiation treatments they had set up for me. I had been home one week when I became very ill. From 2 in the afternoon until l0:15 in the evening I was either vomiting or having severe pain. Yet, I just kept thanking the Lord I was healed. My husband called the surgeon and he told me to come to the ER immediately. As I was lying there on the table waiting for him I looked up at the clock to see what time it was for all nausea and pain had left. It was ll o'clock and all was well. He could find nothing wrong but kept me in for two days just to see. When I got home a dear friend called and told me that day I was in ER she was burdened to pray and at ll p.m. the Holy Spirit spoke to her heart that she could quite praying as all was well. When I went back to him for a six week checkup he noted I had cancelled my treatments. I told him I was trusting the Lord and would not take them. He said it didn't really make any difference whether I took them or not as I didn't have long to live. I never went back.

In Oct. & Nov. of l995 I experienced some strange attacks of pain which would come and go in the pancreas area. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart while I was in prayer in the early morning hours and told me the devil was trying to put cancer back on me and what was I going to do? My spirit man rose up and said, "he cant do that for God has made an utter end to the affliction and it cannot arise a second time." Nahum l:9. So, the enemy was defeated by the Word of God.

I am sorry this is so lengthy, I tried to write just the main points. At this time we are in a small store front church and I pastor and teach Bible study until God brings in a pastor for us.

I would like to encourage Christians to be serious about their Bible study for when the storm hits, most people do not come through victorious. They have started on the Rock but just don't seem to realize how important it is to be FIRMLY planted!

Trust this can be a blessing to many. I am so blest to lead a busy and fruitful life for the Lord I love so much. The Goodness of God is so Great!

Charis P,
Willmar, MN,

It didn't "feel" like anything profound...
Pastor Ray Northern

I would like to share a healing miracle that took place in our church three weeks ago. I waited this long to share, until the miracle was confirmed.

We have been asking the Lord for a miracle that would touch our community. John and Kitty (Methodist pastor) showed up for our wednesday night service three weeks ago. Kitty was initially suffering from a form of skin cancer that had apparently spread throughout her body.

With the cancer and medication she was suffering horribly both from pain and nausea. In fact, the evening they came to our church they drove around for about an hour (in the desert) while Kitty was vomiting violently. Finally, they were able to make it, just after the service began.

There was nothing unusual about the service. At the end I asked if there were any prayer requests. Two or three requests were presented and we prayed over them. Then, Kitty told us about her cancer. Again, we felt no great surge or revelation of the Spirit. All I did was ask if some of the women would gather around Kitty and lay hands and pray for her. They did. Again, it didn't feel like anything profound.

However, the next day one of the women who had attended the meeting stopped by the church and asked if I had heard the news about Kitty. What news?? She explained that she had talked to Kitty that morning and Kitty related that she had felt nothing when the ladies prayed for her. However, as she and John were returning to their car she noticed that she was not sick, nor in pain. In fact, she felt great!!! She had not felt well at all for several months.

I will shorten the story by saying that it has been medically confirmed that there is absolutely no trace of cancer in her body. Her doctors have pronounced her totally healed, even admitting to a miracle.

Pastor Ray Northern