My friend Bob Hoover of Winnipeg had finished preaching in the Grace Assembly of God Church in Madras, pastored by Pastor D. Samson. Scores had accepted the Lord and more and been baptized in the Holy Spirit. We laid our hands on many sick people and began to rush out of the church as we had to drive through the city to another service. Bro Hoover was already at the entrance and waving for me to hurry up. I was saying goodbye to the pastor and the elders. I grabbed my Bible and began to wade through the people to the main entrance..

Somebody sitting on the floor grabbed my right hand. I knew it was someone who needed prayer. I turned around and looked at a man sitting on the floor. He had no eyes. There were only 2 slits where the eyes should have been. One slit was a bit bigger than the other.

In a flash I stuck my fingers in those slits and shouted, "Be opened!" The man started shouting, "I can see a light, I can see a light !". I glanced to look at Brother Hoover and saw that he was moving on. I could do nothing but leave the man and run after him to the next meeting.

Damaged Foetus Restored
Minnie Matthai
June 1998

This is a glorious miracle which Pastor George Matthai and his wife Minnie experienced in the year 1998. I would like him to give this testimony with a lot of medical details in his own words but he is extremely busy in pastoring a growing church where wonderful miracles of healing are taking place.

Please check later and do not miss this testimony. Bro. Matthai is pastor of

Cornerstone House of Prayer,
108 Darga Road, Pallavaram,
Madras, India.