Servant Maid Delivered
(From 'Adventures in God')

Dr. Lazarus a veterinarian met me at the close of a service at the Christian Believers' Fellowship, Madras, India He had a very unusual story. In his house was a servant maid who was demon possessed. This woman would rise up early and work throughout the day with very little food. Strange things would happen at night times. The doorbell would ring at odd hours but there would be no one at the door. At times this frail woman would make attempts to run out of the house in the middle of the night. The doctor put a special lock on the door and would sleep with the key under his pillow. Yet this woman would open the lock and run out into the night! Gradually her behavior worsened.

The doctor, a God fearing Christian knew that this was a case of demon possession. Many well meaning people tried to help the woman but failed and advised the doctor to send her away to her village. The doctor however was made of sterner stuff and took this as a challenge to the dynamic gospel of Jesus Christ. The maid did all her work well but began to eat lesser and less till she was living on a few spoons of rice a day. Demons love to destroy the body they dwell in. (see Mark 5:13 also). One day the maid while continuing her extremely abnormal behavior began to vomit blood.

The good doctor called for all possible help. His nephew, a specialist said that this was not a medical case. She was prayed for but there seemed to be no deliverance. As a last attempt, she was taken to some men to have the devils driven out of her. One of the men praying for her was suddenly attacked by the devils. Writhing on the floor, this well-meaning man had to be held down by strong men. Seeing the doctors concern for this wretched woman's health a holy anger and compassion welled up in me.

I had just preached on why the name of Jesus is powerful. I asked the doctor to bring her to our Friday meeting and assured him that there was a definite deliverance for her. As we lived in a small apartment, with our three children, where we also conducted our services the doctor was apprehensive of what might break out. I assured him that everything would be fine.

I fasted that day and went to work as usual. Two pastors were present that evening and the woman sat still through the meeting. The doctor told me that she had vomited much blood and had eaten nothing that day. My soul was surging with compassion. The two pastors went to cast the devils out of her. One of them became silent and thoughtful after a few moments. The other said that the devils were going out and coming in again. He said that she should be brought to his church for 7 weeks!

I laid my hand on her head rebuked the devils and moved aside. There was nothing melodramatic and what I had done was something very simple and quiet. Dr. Lazarus was very doubtful and his last hope seemed to have been shattered. I turned to him and assured him that she was delivered. With great uncertainty he took her home.

Early the next morning, the maid asked for food and ate 5 idlis (Rice Cakes). Later on in the day she ate a plateful of rice. All symptoms of demonic activity stopped that very day. Some months later, still completely healed, she entered into the waters of baptism in complete surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. Bless God! His compassion's, they fail not!