Squint Eyes
(From 'Adventures in God')

Evangelist Augustine Gomez walked into my house at about 5 p.m. one evening and asked if I could help him pray for the sick in a meeting he was having in a large community hall.  My wife and I reached the hall at about 7 p.m. but there was no sign of Gomez.  The organizers kept singing songs waiting for the preacher to come.  At about 8 p.m., Bro. Gomez saunters up to the platform, pulls out his small sized Bible and is getting ready to preach.  From his manner, we knew that he had nothing in particular to preach!

After a few introductory exhortations, Bro.Gomez asked if anyone knew of a totally deaf person in the crowd. Presently, a woman from North India came up to the platform with her daughter aged about 14 years.  She was checked and found to be totally deaf in both ears. She was born deaf.

Without a thought, Bro.Gomez put his hands on the girl's ears, prayed briefly and rebuked the deafness.  Instantly both her ears were opened.  There was no preaching after that.  Some of the other pastors present jumped off the stage and together we stood at the front of the stage as the crowd began to mob us.  We laid hands briefly on all.

One lady pushed a young girl before me and pleaded for prayer.  I could not hear what she said as it was pandemonium all around us.  But looking at the little girl there was no need to ask. Her eyes were crossed.  It was the worst cross-eyed case I had seen. I shouted "Jesus!", and reached out to touch her eyes. I had not touched her but for half a second and when I moved my hand the eyes were perfectly normal as anybody else'.

This is one of the grandest healings I have witnessed because of the speed at which it happened. To put it simply, she was squint eyed... she wasn't squint eyed! Oh! The splendid power of our Lord.