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If you have received a healing which you consider remarkable, and would like to testify about it at this site, please send it via email. The testimony must include as much details as possible about your location, illness, treatment taken, names of physicians or hospitals, pastors or elders or name of ministry or church that assisted in the healing. If you desire, personal names will be replaced with initial.

We ultimately want to make the testimonies verifiable as sadly, there are many within the Church who teach against Divine Healing.

Your testimony could encourage someone. So, please do send in your testimony of healing. If we edit it, we will send the edited copy for your approval before it is published on the site.

The help of servants of God in all offices of the Church will go a long way in turning the hearts of the children to their Father.

Some who have received healings have been so thrilled but they have not mentioned it widely or even to the pastor. Some have lost their healing. For this, see, "Why some are not healed" and "Causes for sickness". Remember the statement of Jesus who said after healing a paralytic, "Go and sin no more or a worse thing will come on you." John 5:14

In all our years of ministry, I did not collect testimonies, partly because I was travelling alone and I was just happy to see the people healed and partly because I did not want the well being of an individual to be construed as propaganda. Often I have had to wave away a camera wielding person as I felt it would definitely hinder the completion of a healing. Some of the narratives of healings taken from our Adventures in God, therefore, lack the names of the individuals.

Do not miss reading the testimonies of senior citizens, especially those above 70 years. Their experiences over the years are worth the long read.

We have also included two sections that will be of interest to analytical students of divine healing.

  • Not Healed
  • Lost Healing
May God bless these testimonies to your heart and cause you to say Amen and Amen!

Creative Miracles
Deafness *
Demon Possession (Extreme Cases)
Dying Cases(Elderly) *
Dying Cases(Young) *
Epilepsy *
Eye Diseases
Migraine & Headaches*
Orthopedic Illnesses
Skin Diseases
Stomach Diseases*
Structural Disorders*
Unknown Illness*
Not healed
Lost healing

*These testimonies are yet to be documented. Kindly bear with us.

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