Healing and Aftermath
(From 'Adventures in God')

Some of the greatest healings we have witnessed have been among the poor people in the slums and villages.  These people simply believe to such an extent that after they are healed they think it is no big thing!

I had finished preaching at a house prayer meeting of the Revival Prayer Fellowship, pastored by Bro.Moses in Chetpet, Madras. The meeting was on the terrace (roof) of a house with just one dim bulb hanging near us.  After giving the gospel and praying with those who had committed their lives to the Lord, we began to leave.

At the back of the meeting was a woman lying down in a heap.  It was difficult to make her out as a human being.  She just seemed to be a pile of old clothing on the floor. All I could see was her face which was white and ashen and drained of all blood. I was told that she was dying of cancer and did not have many days to live.  She neither sat up nor moved from her position as I laid hands on her and rebuked the spirit of cancer.

It was my custom in those days, the late eighties, to preach in that church every 5 weeks or so.  A few weeks after the house prayer meeting I had finished preaching and asked the sick to come forward.  A dark looking woman of medium size and well built, came bounding up with a big smile on her face.  I asked her what she wanted.  She replied, "Don't you recognize me?"  I had not the faintest recollection of having seen her.

She was the woman lying in a heap in the jaws of death at that rooftop meeting.  She told us her testimony of how Jesus had perfectly healed her and that He was now her Lord and Saviour.  She however was not permitted to have any Christian fellowship by her Hindu family.

Some months later I asked Pastor Moses about that lady.  To my shock, he said, "Brother, she is dead now". I asked what had happened.

After her great healing from cancer, this woman had been slipping out to church whenever she could.  Soon her Christian affinities were the talk of that community.  Her family warned her to stop going to Church.  They put the pressure on her in various ways. Finally the family said that she would lose all her inheritance and neither would her children get anything.  Their small ancestral house was being put up for sale.  Not wanting to lose this benefit, she succumbed to all the pressures.  Soon she reverted back to her old religious practices.  Shortly thereafter, she died.

How true is the warning of Jesus who said, "Go and sin no more or a worse thing will come on you!"