Delivered from Lunacy and Demonic Influences
(From 'Adventures in God')
April 1991

After ministering the Word of God at Madurai Christian Centre, a lady in the prayer line asked me to pray for her brother who had a mental condition. One of the things he would do was, on full moon nights, he would run out of the house in the middle of the night and not return for some time. It was a clear case of evil spirits taking advantage of a weak mind to try and destroy him. She said that her brother would not come to the church. Her house was too far away to visit in the short time I had.

I reached into my pocket and took out our prayer cloth. It is a red rectangular piece of soft flannel cloth on which where printed in white the words, "Jesus Christ the Great Physician" I asked Kalavathy, the lady, to go and place the piece of cloth under her brothers pillow.

About six months later I received a letter from Kalavathy saying that from the day that the prayer cloth was laid under her brothers' pillow, he was completely delivered and healed. Blessed be our God.

I had forgotten about this case, but Kalavathy had waited for several months to check out if the healing was real and permanent.

Released from Asylum
(From 'Adventures in God')
Summer 1998

Ravi James' sister was consigned to the Government Mental Asylum in Madras about 20 years ago. The School of Divine Healing was conducted at Antioch House. Ravi asked for prayer for his sister. I asked him to get her to the meeting. He said that getting permission for her to come out even for 2 days was very difficult. I insisted that he ask the asylum authorities again.

He went and brought her for the last 3 days of the School. She sat in one of the front rows and was a constant source of distraction to others. But we pressed on with the Word of God and laid hands on her each day. Ravi later told me that for those three days she had not taken any of her compulsory medication neither needed them. She anyway had to return to the asylum.

After a few months she was allowed to come out again for a few days. A year later she was permanently released from the dreadful asylum. Blessed be the Lord God of mercies.