Will God heal?

Kerrie Rochford
      2 July, 2001

It is remarkable that you sent me an e-mail yesterday. Before yesterday, I hadn't even heard of you. Yet last Monday, I woke up to find a protruding bone in my hand completely gone!

The doctor, (Dr Pravah, at my Umina surgery) had written out a referral for an x-ray saying that my protruding bone may be inoperable. He could not ascertain what the bone actually was, without an x-ray. Monday came, and my hand was returned to normal. There is no bone protruding. I haven't had the x-ray done, simply because there was nothing to x-ray. This happened in the city of Gosford, in NSW, Australia. (Umina is a suburb).

God gave me another healing in the same hand about 6 years ago when He knew I needed proof of His healing power. I was asked if I'd like prayer for healing at a conference I was attending. I said ok, but couldn't think of anything that needed healing (even though I had a surgeon's appointment to have my hand operated on for carpel tunnel). God reminded me of this, but I kept silent, determined to have the operation. Instead I said the pray-ers could pray for my vericose veins - which they did. As they prayed for my legs, my wrist began to burn so hot in the joint, like a red hot poker were touching it. Still I said nothing to the pray-ers. For 2 days I questioned God as to whether He had healed me. Then on the third day, I accepted my healing becasue there were no symptoms, although the electronic tests had shown previously that my wrist was in bad shape and needed an immediate operation.

I have a file with my local surgery, which has a record of me needing a carpel tunnel operation on my left hand. Dr Stott was treating me. I never picked up the referral he wrote for me, so it is still in my file. My appointment was to see a Dr Wyjitunga, orthopedic surgeon, who operated on my right hand some 4-5 yrs earlier. I have no idea of the name of the doctor who did the electronic tests to determine I needed an operation. Again, this happened in the city of Gosford.

Now, 6 years later, and my hand is still going great. I play the keyboard and worship God in my fellowship.

God is good!

In Christ,

Kerrie Rochford
Gosford, New South Wales