Corns fall away
(From 'Adventures in God')

Alfred Lawrence had corns on his fingers. He was constantly gnawing at them and was terribly conscious of it. One day, when he came to our home, my wife Lily was witnessing to him about the power of God. She told an incident in her life when her watch stopped working. She took a little prayer oil, rubbed it on the back of the watch and asked God to fix it for her. The good Lord graciously fixed it!

On hearing this, Alfred asked Lily, to anoint him with oil and ask God to remove the corns. She did. The next day, the corns did not fall off - they disappeared. Blessed be the Ever-present One!

Alfred Lawrence,
12, Sathyamurthy St., Chetpet,
Madras - 600031, India

Wrinkled Skin
(From 'Adventures in God')

Anand Gabriel worked for a major insurance company in Madras and lived not far from us. His daughter had a strange growth problem. I don't know what that condition is called. She was about 3 years old. Her skin tissues had grown according to her age but her body had not. Because of this, the precious little child's skin was hanging in wrinkles at her wrists and under her eyes.

Anand was a great soul winner and church worker with mighty faith in Christ the Healer. Of course the little child had been prayed for and Anand was fully expecting perfect healing for his daughter. One day while visiting him, we joined our prayers with his and that of others.

We went about our regular business. A couple of years later we met Anand on the street, carrying his daughter. We could not recognize her. She was fair and beautiful with absolutely no trace of that skin condition! Oh! Thank the Lord!

Ugly Patches 2000

In the first quarter of the year 2000, Varghese from Trivandrum a city on the south-west coast of India came to Madras to attend a 3-month residential Bible course at the School of the Holy Spirit. I was to teach that group of about 35 on the subject of Divine Healing.

Before the classes began, I was told of all those who are sick. One of them was Varghese who had a skin disease that left white patches on his body, especially on his hands, face and neck. It did not cause him any problem but it was obvious that he was in much mental agony because of the patches which was clearly visible against his somewhat dark skin.

After the first days lessons he came up and began to show me all the patches. I looked at him and firmly told him to read and memorize Job 33:21-26.

On the fourth and my last day at the School, a humid summer afternoon, we had a prayer session and the laying on of hands. The students of this School are used to spending 3 to 4 hours praising Almighty God. We prayed for all, including the sick. When I came to Varghese, I prayed for him briefly and sat down along with my friend Mandeep Singh from Antioch House who had accompanied me.

It was not three minutes before Varghese with the whole bunch of students came bounding up to me and in an excited voice began telling me, "It's gone, It's gone, It's going, it is gone, It is going." Cheers and praises to God filled the room. I looked at Vargehese hands and face and the patches had disappeared. There was one left in the centre of his neck and I realised that God had left that to as a harmless testimony and reminder of His power to wipe out diseases and cleanse even in a moments time.

Varghese then told me that he had taken the scripture references seriously. It had gotten into his soul and very being. He had obviously been living on those verses and his faith and risen to such a level that it was quite natural to be healed.

I went home that day with tears of joy in my eyes at the beautiful and sweet cleansing of Varghese skin. Blessed be the Ransom of God!